Matthew Horwood

'Doctor Who' Sets Premiere Date, Releases TARDIS-Blowing New Trailer

Twelve, Clara, and hopefully the TARDIS are set to return in August.

By Shaunna Murphy

It's official — Peter Capaldi, his magnificent eyebrows, and the TARDIS will return for a brand new series of "Doctor Who" in August.

The BBC essentially ruined Christmas when they killed off Matt Smith's beloved Eleventh Doctor last year, but they more than made up for it by making us Yanks's Memorial Day weekend dreams come true with the following announcement:

Can you say, "Geronimo?" (Sorry, sorry. Too soon.)

This announcement was accompanied by a 15-second teaser trailer — which is obviously great news, but we're more than a little disturbed by the fact that it looks like the TARDIS is on fire. Guess the instruction manual was lost in regeneration!

What do you think of the trailer, "Doctor Who" fans? Is Twelve going to blow up the TARDIS? Let us know in the comments!