Miles Teller Gets Slapped Around In This 'Whiplash' Clip

This Sundance favorite needs to be on your radar.

Every Sundance Film Festival, there are a handful of movies — if we're lucky — that debut, take over the fest with buzz and have a life outside of Park City, Utah. This year, "Whiplash" is one of those movies.

The drama starring Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons won the Audience Prize at Sundance and became one of the most talked-about of the festival.

The movie follows a drummer named Andrew Neyman (Teller) as he enters a beyond-intense music program led by the very hands-on Terence Fletcher (Simmons). Both actors score serious prize for their performances, and in the clip above, it's obvious why.

Sony Pictures Classics scooped up the distribution rights but has yet to set a release date. Regardless, I'm looking forward to checking this out whenever it hits theaters.