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Next Time You See Tegan And Sara, They'll Be Wearing Cupcakes As Bras

'We'll have, like, costumes, and be flying around,' Tegan jokes about going on tour with Katy Perry.

Tegan and Sara have their next few months booked full. Not only are they currently playing their Let's Make Things Physical Tour, but come September, they'll be supporting Katy Perry on her Prismatic World Tour. And when all of it is over, the glitter and thematics of the "Roar" singer might have rubbed off on the sister duo.

"I've been really excited lately that some of the biggest tours are female," Sara told MTV at last weekend's Hangout Festival, where the band played on the Alabama beach. "You know like Beyoncé going out, Katy Perry. We did a show with Taylor Swift last year that I was absolutely blown away; Miley Cyrus' show looks crazy."

The twins are grateful that Perry's bringing them along, and maybe by the end of the trek, they'll be more like the over-the-top pop star.

"They're all taking out really alternative bands opening for them," Tegan said. "I think that that's really neat. A lot of people in pop music are giving props to and supporting some of the smaller indie pop musicians. It's going to be fun. We're going to hopefully learn a lot. Next time you see Tegan and Sara we'll have, like, costumes, and be flying around."

"Can't wait to get in a harness," Sara joked.

"Cupcakes as a bra," Tegan laughed.