'Frozen' Is Getting An Ice Show Because Of Course It Is

The cold never bothered them anyway.

It was only a matter of time before it happened, and now it's happening: The hit Disney animated musical "Frozen" is getting a touring ice show. And you know what? Even if this baby hates "Frozen," we don't. We're psyched.

The New York Times reported that there will be a veritable flurry of castmembers, 39 in all, in the production, which will begin touring in September.

Here are a few more relevant numbers in the "Frozen" On Ice circus:

9: Number of trailer-tractors needed to move the set around

39: Number of cast members singing/skating their little hearts out

20: Number of snow machines needed to create the blizzards the show will display

2: Number of Academy Awards "Frozen" won

2.7 million: Number of copies of the film's soundtrack sold

A BILLION: Number of times we've sung "Let It Go" with gusto

SO MUCH: Amount we expect "Frozen" on ice will net in ticket sales

In short, yeah we wanna build a snowman. Out of actual ice. And, hey, just think of how much the production will save on those thermal tights. You know why? Because anyone involved in this show is going to have to say "the cold never bothered me anyway" and really mean it.