Unmaking The Band: Diddy’s Not Impressed With Aundrea Fimbres’ DK Departure [GIFs]

Putting her career on hold to start a family? Whatever.

When four of Danity Kane's original five members announced during last year's MTV Video Music Awards that they were reuniting after four years apart, it was as if no time had passed, and fans far and wide screamed their way through the girls' comeback concert. Since then, the foursome has promoted a slew of summer shows, released a new single and begun to prepare for a third album, but at the #DKNoFilter tour's first stop on Friday night, Aundrea Fimbres unexpectedly revealed that she was leaving the group to start a family. And suddenly, there were three.

Fans at San Francisco's Fillmore Auditorium cried out in support as Aundrea shared the news (see the video below), but if there's one person we're sure would have never taken Drea's choice in stride, it's her ol' boss, Diddy. During DK's "Making the Band" days, any bum note, flubbed choreography or questionable outfit earned Drea and her bandmates cold side-eyes from the man formally known as Sean Combs. Undoubtedly, Drea's first steps toward motherhood would have earned the criticism she'd come to know and...know.

To celebrate Puffy's penchant for remaining unimpressed, we've collected some of his finest unmoved moments (the man could out-stare a stone!). Sort through the GIFs, and share your thoughts on Drea's departure!

Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images, GIFs: Solomon Doley