See The Black Widow As James Bond In These Amazing Crossover Posters

When cool meets cool, it only gets cooler.

There are certain things we can all agree on that are just undeniably cool. James Bond is one of them. The guy's so fly that we've all known his drink preferences for decades.

Also cool: The Avengers. They're a crime-fighting team who are also just kind of average Joes all at the same time.

But the coolest of cool comes when James Bond and the Avengers are combined, as tumblr user tinuelena is doing in a series of posters. She takes the design of a vintage Bond poster and then adapts it to fit one of our steadfast heroes.

The cool factor doesn't just come from the art, either, the titles of the films are perfectly matched to the characters they portray. For example, Scarlett Johansson's Natasha Romanoff, a Russian spy who goes by the name of Black Widow, is inserted into the poster for "From Russia With Love." Why didn't we think of that first?

She's shared three so far, and all of them are frame-worthy, in our opinion.

"From Russia With Love"

"You Only Live Twice"


Keep an eye on the talented tinuelena's tumblr for more.