'Godzilla' Sequel Is A Go, But What Will It Be About?

From Mothra to Mechagodzilla, seven things we need from 'God2illa'.

"Godzilla" roared into theaters this weekend and became a monstrous hit, smashing box office expectations and generally gorilla-whaling all over the place. In fact, the movie was so successful that Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. have already begun work on a sequel, which we're going to call "God2illa" until someone tells us to stop.

But what, exactly, will that sequel be about? There's certainly been plenty of talk about this before the movie opened, though the participants were understandably mum, waiting to see the box office returns. Now that it's an official hit, though, here's what we think could happen, based on the events of the first movie, quotes from the director and writer and general speculation:

More Monsters

This one is pretty obvious, but MUTOs (Massive Unidentified Terristrial Organisms) aren't going away. They're an explanation for any number of weird beings Godzilla can take on in the second movie, and given there were two in the first film, we expect a lot more in "God2illa."

The question, though, is what form they'll take…


We've already talked to writer Max Borenstein about the Mothra Easter egg in the movie, but as a recap: when Brody Sr. (Bryan Cranston) and Brody Jr. (Aaron Taylor Johnson) explore their abandoned house in Japan, the camera briefly flits by a terrarium, complete with an empty cocoon and a piece of tape with the name "Mothra" written on it.

So will we see the giant bug go up against 'Zilla? It's certainly a possibility, and one that leads us to our next big question:

Warner Bros.

The Return Of Brody

Conventional wisdom would say the humans don't matter to a Godzilla movie, but the first film is extremely concerned with the Brody family. We could see a plot where he's drawn back in to the fight against the MUTOs, or part of a MUTO task force established between movies.

Basically, if this series looks to the "Transformers" films as a model (not a bad financial model to have, either), then Taylor Johnson could be the Shia LaBeouf of this franchise. Not the Shia LaBeouf of real life, though.

What About That Giant Skeleton?

At the beginning of the movie, Serizawa explores a giant skeleton he says is older than Godzilla. So what left that skeleton, and are there more of these beasts out there? What if there's something that's bigger than the biggest monster on the block?

The World Reacts

Now that the world knows giant monsters exist, and has accepted Godzilla as their savior, how does that affect things? The first movie was extremely concerned with how giant monster fights would play out realistically, so how does that factor into "God2illa?"

Will religions spring up around the MUTOs? Are the world's governments taken to task for keeping them secret for so long? Can we go back to our daily lives, knowing that there could be monster attacks at any point?

And the first movie was about man's fight against nature, so how far back to the land will we be, by the time the sequel has started?

Godzilla… No More!

Let's face facts: "Godzilla" is a superhero movie, down to the main character being initially feared, but eventually triumphing against evil and gaining the love of the people. Heck, the giant lizard even makes sure he's causing as little destruction as possible, giving the heroes time to get out of the city before making their move.

So what happens in the sequel to a superhero movie? The hero gives up. From "Spider-Man 2" to "The Dark Knight," the second film in a series is always about the main character trying to live a normal life.

And yes, you could apply that to Brody (if he comes back), but we'd much rather see Godzilla hang up his tail halfway through the movie and try to take care of his personal life, only to be sucked back in when the world is once more in danger. "Here we go again!" Godzilla says, going after Ghidorah, who has kidnapped his girlfriend.

And if we could get Godzilla throwing his skin in a garbage can as he walks away in an alley, that would be awesome (where my old-school "Spider-Man" fans at?)


It might be too silly, it might not make a lot of sense, but oh how we want to see a giant, metallic version of Godzilla piloted by humans helping the big guy out. Make it happen, Legendary.

What do you want to see in the "Godzilla" sequel? Let us know in the comments below.