Hey, Katy Perry: Zedd Has A Proposition For You

Take a listen.

So... Katy Perry: We have a business proposition for you -- courtesy of Zedd. He has a song with your name on it, so you better strike while the iron is hot. Or, you know, a more musical-leaning cliche.

"I just wrote a song and I was imagining her voice over it," Zedd told MTV News when we were all chilling together at Hangout Fest 2014. "So you guys can hook me up with that and we'll make it happen."

Sounds pretty compelling to us, Katy. I mean, Zedd has worked with the likes of Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga and wrote a kick-ass song, "Find You," for the "Divergent" soundtrack. Also, there's his own music, which is pretty amazing as well -- ask the Grammys.

PLUS: He's a huge fan. "I f---in' looooove love love @katyperry's 'birthday,'" the musician tweeted recently, and when we asked about that assertion, he responded, "I think it just sounds like the summer. It's just a good vibe; I love the chords."

Now I think it's time you all -- excuse the pun -- make beautiful music together.