5 Times Amber Rose's Stunning Beauty Shamed Even This Beautiful Beach

Not that it's a contest or anything, but if it WERE, Amber Rose would be most beautiful babe on the beach

It's good to be a gorgeous beach (people worship and pine for you, but there is the downside: urine), but it's even better to be Amber Rose, whose radiant beauty managed to shame even the most pristine, picturesque, Instagram-worthy patches of Gulf Shores, Alabama, where master photobomber Amber introduced her Hangout Festival headliner husband, Wiz Khalifa (who just announced he's prepping his 28 Grams mixtape), and hosted “MTV’s Summer Kickoff at Hangout Festival,” with "Guy Code" star Andrew Schultz.

Tune in to the show Sunday, May 18 at 7 p.m. ET, and check out photos of Amber Rose shaming She's kinda photogenic, if you hadn't picked up on that yet.

1.) Casually stunting on the beach with beauty game on lock:

2.) Out-"Baywatch"-ing "Baywatch:

3.) Blessing mortals and giant beach ball alike with her gorgeous glow:

4.) Making this ping-pong table sorry it's not her:

5.) I can't...