The 1975 Will Make You Cry -- Or Faint

Or both.

Not only did The 1975 get super unbeachy at Hangout Fest -- and bust out a stand-out performance -- they also chatted with MTV News about their fans -- as well as the possibility of new music.

Watching the gaggle of Brits take the stage at Hangout was certainly an overwhelming experience -- what with Matt Healy going all Matt Berninger on a full bottle of red wine (all the wine is all for him), dive into the crowd to take snaps with his adoring fans, and just generally be shirtless and tattoo'd and ... what was I saying again? Oh, yeah. The 1975: swoon-worthy.

And that's not just a figure of speech, guys: According to Healy, "There's a lot more crying and fainting that happens at our gigs [now]." Someone break out the smelling salts.

Check out the clip below to hear more about The 1975's fan frenzy and, be still our hearts, the buzz on new tunes: