Exclusive: 'Aundrea Was There' To Record Danity Kane's 'Lemonade'

Songwriter confirms Aundrea recorded 'Lemonade,' but remains coy on her status in the group.

It seems like mum's the word for Danity Kane.

The girl group continues to keep quiet on whether or not member Aundrea Fimbres is still with them, but MTV News can now confirm that Aundrea was present when they recorded their brand-new single, "Lemonade."

DK supporters began asking for answers over whether or not the foursome was now a trio following the release of "Lemonade's" cover art. The photo shows three young girls, who are presumably imitating Aubrey O’Day, Dawn Richard and Shannon Bex, working a lemonade stand, leaving an empty space for where Aundrea Fimbres should be.

On Friday (May 16) we jumped on the phone with "Lemonade" co-writer Soaky, who worked closely with all four members when they laid down the vocals for the track.

"The fans love to speculate. Aundrea was there," Soaky said. "They were all there."

But the question still remains if Aundrea is still a member, as she has not publicly acknowledged the group's new track, having remained silent on Twitter since April 25.

MTV News has yet to hear back from DK, who reunited at the 2013 VMAs, but when we asked Soaky if Aundrea will be taking the stage tonight when they kick off their No Filter Tour in San Francisco, she remained a bit coy.

"I kinda don't get involved in that side," Soaky said. "As far as I know the tour kicks off tonight and I think a lot of speculation will be put to rest."

According to Soaky, who has penned tracks for Fergie, Mary J. Blige and JoJo, the dynamic between the girls couldn't have been better when recording "Lemonade."

"It's like being in a room filled with personality," she said. "When you put together a lot of creative people, it's like being on a playground. Everyone is just excited. They have a lot of personality. The dynamic between the girls, it's like sisters. They get along very well, they talk a lot of sh--, but it's like getting a bunch of girls in a room together. It was a lot of fun."