Solange And Jay Z Make An Elevator Infamous, Britney Is Livin' La Vida Vegas And Hangout Fest Kicks Off In This Week's #NeedToKnow

This week started off with a bang. Who DIDN'T hear about Solange attacking Jay Z in the elevator at a Met Gala afterparty? Thank goodness this power family resolved its differences! Another "piece" that should have been "on your radar" (see what I did there?) was Britney Spears getting her Vegas show extended until Christmas 2016! Santa, can you hear me?

Maybe not over the roar of "Godzilla," who will frighten filmgoers for sure this weekend. Or perhaps, you're watching Hangout Fest, either in Alabama or in front of your computer. Can I get an "hallelujah" for live streams?!

If you missed any of this (maybe your phone died?), we have all the entertainment news to impress your friends with in this #NeedToKnow video, AND an eclectic Spotify playlist of some of the artists playing down at Hangout Fest.