Don't Get Ed Sheeran Mad -- He Might Write A Song About You

When Ed gets angry, he gets creative.

Sheerios, word of advice: Don't get on Ed Sheeran's bad side.

The pop star stopped by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on the episode airing Friday (May 16) to perform his hit single "Sing," and sat down afterward with the host to talk all about his very personal upcoming album, Multiply.

"This CD is very personal. There's a lot of personal songs on here written about all the girls you were with, 'cause there's a lot of them -- I've heard stories," Ellen joked.

She then brought up the track "Don't," which Ed performed on "Saturday Night Live," about being scorned by a past love. It includes the lyrics "For me and her, we make money the same way/ Four cities, two planes in the same day."

Ellen suggested that the track could be about Taylor Swift since he was with her quite a bit opening for her on her Red Tour last year, but Ed was quick to debunk that theory.

"It's not about Taylor," Ed said. "With that song ... I'm a carefree, happy guy and I feel like everyone goes through things that annoy them and they get angry, and I feel the way I get my anger out is to write songs. And that song was literally, I felt something, I put it down and I felt a lot better afterwards. I wasn't going to put it on the record and then people kept telling me it was an alright song, 'cause it is a good song, so it ended up on the record. But yeah, that one's a bit personal."

These days, Ed's full of smiles and he has a lucky new lady in his life. The singer admitted that he does indeed have a Taylor Swift-approved girlfriend who is "nice" and "really cool," although he would not reveal her identity.