Afrojack’s Debut Album: The Tracks You Don’t Want To Miss

It's hard to believe that Afrojack just now dropped his debut album, Forget the World -- especially since his music has been at the top of the charts for years. Featuring A-list features and a unique cross of genres, the album combines these influences into something truly eclectic.

"The coolest thing about it, to me, and the most fun thing is the fact that it's, like, open. It's happy, it's free, it's honest." Afrojack told MTV News.

After listening to the alum, we have to agree. Here are the three tracks you definitely don't want to miss.

1. "Teen Feet Tall" featuring Wrabel

This piano-driven track is definitely the stand-out. You may recognize it from the Super Bowl, but it still has song-of-the-summer potential. The beats momentum builds throughout the song and is resolved by the crystal clear vocals of Wrabel.

2. "Catch Tomorrow" featuring Sting

This is as somber as Forget the World gets. It's a progressive house track narrated by the beloved voice of Sting. Despite the emotion that Sting's rugged rock star voice brings the track has lots of energy and a defiantly unique sound.

3. "Dynamite" featuring Snoop Lion

Landing somewhere between trap and hip-hop, "Dynamite" is a classic party song. Snoop brings it to life casually rapping over Afrojack's festival beat.

The title of this album was inspired by Afrojack's belief that if he had paid attention to what was happening around him in society growing up, he would never have been able to fulfill his dreams. "It's the serious opening up of myself to music and for that- to do that, that's why this album is called 'Forget the World;' to make this album I had to forget the world."