Bryan Cranston Wants To Teach You The Godzilla Roar

Now you too can be the danger.

By Josh Horowitz

There are few more iconic sounds associated with the movies than that indelible 60-year-old roar from our favorite mutated lizard creature known as Godzilla. No we're not impressed with your Darth Vader impression. Pretty much everyone can breathe heavily. But how many can approximate what “Godzilla” star Ken Watanabe delicately describes as a “scream of sadness”?

Leave it Watanabe’s co-star, Bryan Cranston himself to take the lead in educating us the on the art of the Godzilla roar. Of course, the former Mr. Walter White would be able to peer into the dark, tortured soul of our favorite antihero to come up with a step-by-step tutorial. Start practicing, friends. "Godzilla" is everywhere this Friday.