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Watch M.I.A. Conjure 'Double Bubble Trouble' On 'Late Night'

The bad girl hit up Seth Meyers and teased her new video.

On Monday night, M.I.A. popped by "Late Night With Seth Meyers" to perform her new single, "Double Bubble Trouble."

Maya being Maya, the part-time hologram/full-time bad girl's set included the words "1984 IS NOW" scrawled behind her, some neon-colored assault weapons and other forboding, dystopian visuals. Not gonna lie, those fluorescent-lit faux drones were kinda cute, though.

Anyone else notice how Meyers didn't go up to M.I.A at the end, instead thanking her at a distance? Perhaps her mic was cut off? I mean, Big Brother the FCC is watching and all that, but is she really going to risk incurring their wrath again?


On another note, M.I.A. took to Twitter to tease the forthcoming video for the Matangi single, tweeting: "I F***ING LOVE MY DBT VIDEO TO ALL MY FANS."

Looks like we've got more Orwellian visuals coming our way. Two plus two equals I CAN'T WAIT.