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We Can't Afford To Buy The 'Scarface' Mansion, But These 9 Ballers Can

Hey Bieber, here's your chance!

First you get the money, then you get the power. That's the advice that fictional drug lord, Tony Montana, gave to moviegoers when he laid out his blueprint for success in the 1983 gangsta classic "Scarface."

Montana didn't tell us at what point you get the over-the-top, neoclassical California estate, but now, according to the Wall Street Journal, anyone with a cool $35 million laying around can purchase the 10,000 square foot property where Scarface lived and (spoiler alert) was assassinated at the end of the flick.

Sadly, this little piece of Hollywood history is out of our price range, but we have a few friends we'd like to see live like kings.

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Al Pacino

Al played Tony Montana in the 1983 flim, so he should feel right at home in the "Scarface" mansion. Think about the parties he could throw, and the fun he could have with house guests by yelling out: "say hello to my little friend" as they make their way up the winding staircase.

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Dr. Dre

If all goes according to plan, Apple will acquire Beats Electronics and Dr. Dre will get one giant payday, making him the richest man in hip-hop. $35 mil is just a drop in the bucket.

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The Houston rap legend may not have as much bank as his hip-hop contemporaries, but what he lacks in funds he gets in respect. We don't know how Face Mob would foot the bill, but if anyone deserves to live the lavish life it's him.

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Mr. 305 has traveled the globe a few times over, but Pit still reps Miami to the fullest. Like the fictional Scarface, the rapper was born in Cuba and lived out his American dream in the M-I-Yayo. This script writes itself.

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The Cash Money co-founder isn't shy when it comes to treating himself to the finer things in life. He recently finished building a new mansion on Miami's South Beach, but surely he'll want a place to stay when he spends time in Cali too. Rich Gang indeed.

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Justin Bieber

The Biebs has had some trouble with his neighbors, so we figure the "Scarface" mansion would be a nice change of scenery. Plus, the folks next door had to put up with Tony Montana's shouting and late night gun fights; Justin should be a delight.

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Jay Z

Hov once famously rapped: "'Scarface' the movie did more than Scarface the rapper to me." We know he's in a constant Empire State of mind, but if Jigga ever wanted to switch coasts, he might want to consider this property.

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If you want to talk about "Started From the Bottom," then Tony Montana has the ultimate come-up story. A Cuban immigrant, who murdered his way out of a refugee camp and became one of the biggest drug lords ever; sounds a little like a certain Canadian child star, who murdered mixtape verses and became one of the biggest rappers ever.

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Mariah Carey

Tony didn't live in that big ol' house by himself, there was also Elvira, his "loving" wife (played by Michelle Pfiffer). An extravagant property like this would benefit from a woman's touch, plus we just want another excuse to do a second "MTV Cribs" with Mariah.