5SOS Fans Have Been Waiting '30,000 Years' For This News

The band reveals they're dropping their debut and fans totally freak out.

It seems like fans and 5 Seconds of Summer had the same reaction when the boy band announced they were releasing their album: "finally."

Ashton, Michael, Calum and Luke took to Instagram on Tuesday (May 13) to tell their devoted followers that they've "been working on this so hard" and "after three years, we finally get to tell you that ... WE HAVE AN ALBUM !!!."

It wasn't long before fans were totally freaking out about the news on Twitter, with @ashtoniloveyoux saying they've been waiting "like 30000" years for the album to drop. Fans got so excited that the hashtag #FinallyA5SOSAlbum became a worldwide trend.

The self-titled debut is available for pre-order beginning on Wednesday, and those lucky enough to purchase the LP will receive a new track before its expected release on June 27.

Now, the good news and bad news -- bad news first. If you live in the U.S., you may have to wait a little bit longer since the album reportedly doesn't drop until July 22 Stateside.

The good news? The foursome revealed the track list, which includes studio versions of fan-favorite songs "Amnesia," "Lost Boy," "Good Girl," and their hit "She Looks So Perfect."

The surprises didn't stop there. 5SOS, who on Monday unveiled their very first video game "#Hungry5SOS" -- showed off the latest poster teasing their "Don't Stop" video. It shows Michael transforming into his superhero alter-ego, "Mike-ro-wave."

The video for "Don't Stop" drops on May 19.