The Next Kangaroo You Laugh At In An Elevator Might Be Alexandra Daddario

The 'True Detective' actress had a choice tweet for some folks who couldn't contain themselves.

By Kat Rosenfield

Alexandra Daddario doesn't always wear a kangaroo suit, but when she does, she subtweets the people in elevators who audibly find it hilarious.

The "True Detective" actress posted a photo early Friday morning along with a pro tip for aspiring gigglers and smack-talkers:

Meanwhile, we may never know why Alexandra Daddario was in an elevator, in a non-specific location, wearing a kangaroo outfit (and yes, we have Googled every possible synonymous permutation of "Alexandra Daddario elevator kangaroo" in the past hour in an attempt to find out), but we admire her gumption in schooling the rude in the basic rules of laughing behind someone's back.

Also, we marvel at the audacity of the elevator riders who openly snickered at the actress, who is not only a celebrity, but who also appears to be dressed in the hide of an animal that she may or may not have killed and skinned herself. What's to stop her from wearing anyone's head like a stylish beret? You are braver than we are, elevator people.