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Katy Perry Reveals Entire 'Prismatic' Tour Set List

Here's every song Katy will sing on the Pristmatic World Tour.

Because some secrets are too juicy to keep under wraps, Katy Perry Instagrammed the set list for her Prismatic World Tour, which kicks off tonight (May 7) in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Obviously, I'm not mad at KP's inability to keep a secret, but I'm starting to regret DMing her about making out with a hot dog on that shameful, shameful eighth-grade field trip. (THAT WAS ONE TIME.)

Katy Perry's Instagram,

The concert is broken down into six distinct parts (not including the "Firework" encore), most of which should be pretty self-explanatory to anyone who's even minimally aware of the "Birthday" singer's entire existence: Prismatic, Egyptian, Cat-oure, Acoustic, Throw Back, and Hyper Neon.

And if your favorite isn't Cat-oure, then just get out. Right now. It's the end of you and me. (#JoJoVoice)

All 13 tracks from the standard version of Prism are listed along with tunes from Teenage Dream and One of the Boys, so KatyCats can stop clawing away anxiously at their mood-adjusting scratching posts. Bonus track "It Takes Two" will even make an appearance during the Throw Back section as "It Takes 2," which #ByTheGraceOfGod means that it will be mashed up with Rob Base & DJ EZ-Rock's 1988 classic jam by the same name -- or at least Seduction's "Two To Make It Right," my perennial favorite to end all perennial favorites.

I think I speak for Belfast -- nay, THE WORLD -- when I say that my body is ready, Katy. Treat it like a wheelbarrow full of Flamin' Hot Cheetos.