Bryan Cranston Mispronounces 'Badonkadonk' On The Tonight Show

He just broke bad...onkadonk.

By Kat Rosenfield

It's pronounced "ba-DONK-uh-donk," Bryan Cranston, but we'll give you an A for effort.

The "Godzilla" star made an appearance last night on "The Tonight Show" to promote this summer's biggest creature feature, and while he was there, Cranston and host Jimmy Fallon engaged in a rousing game of Word Sneak.

For those not in the know: Word Sneak is a quick-thinking challenge in which the participants receive five pre-assigned, random words, and then have to naturally work them into a conversation. And though the game started out logically enough — a question about Godzilla's wardrobe actually let Jimmy slip in the word "dungarees" without too much effort, even if he did give himself away by laughing the entire time — it didn't take long for things to get out of control, as the pair constructed an absurd fantasy involving a Slip'n'Slide, Wade Boggs and a giant vat of guacamole.

But Cranston, who was holding the word "badonkadonk," had a golden opportunity to use it when his host turned the conversation to "Dallas" actor Patrick Duffy...

...and he blew it. He blew it hard, as the word came out sounding something like "Bad a kong donk," which might be a lost Klingon phrase meaning, "the one who knocks." Either way, it looks like Jimmy wins this round.