Behind The Scenes: Witness The 'Game Of Thrones' Dragon Egg Get Forged In Fire

Lately in "Game of Thrones," we haven't been seeing much of Daenerys Targaryen's dragons as the warrior-queen travels from city to city, freeing slaves and standing dramatically in the wind as her hair whips back and forth.

So lest you forget she is -- in addition to being a badass deliverer of lines like "I will answer injustice with justice" -- the Mother of Dragons, check out this video showing how the dragon eggs from Season One were actually created.

The Rextorn Metalwork workshop posted the video a few months ago. The egg was made using the techniques of repousse, chasing and metal spinning, whatever the hell that means. But you don't need to have a PhD in metallurgy to sit back and watch the fiery creation of one of the show's most iconic props.