Arcade Fire

So, Andrew Garfield Is In Drag For An Arcade Fire Video

Spider-Man plays a transgender man for 'We Exist.'

I'm not fully sure what is happening here, but Andrew Garfield is dressed in drag for the new Arcade Fire teaser. And he shaves his head.

The band released a 20-second clip in preparation for the video for "We Exist," a song about the gay community and acceptance.

Garfield is seen wearing a lacy white dress and a blonde wig, limping insecurely around Coachella's festival grounds. In another shot, he shaves his head in front of a mirror, sighing heavily in a black bra.

"We Exist" is the third single off Reflektor, and the band is currently on their Reflektor Tour. Garfield, however, is on the big screen, playing Spidey in the "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," out now.