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The Day Has Come: 5 Seconds Of Summer Finally Take Off Their Pants

We did it.

We thought it would never happen.

5 Seconds of Summer have taken off their pants, and we finally get to see their underwear.

The guys left us hanging at the end of their "She's So Perfect" video where literally EVERYONE shed their clothes except for Ashton, Calum, Michael and Luke. As the other people strutted around in their undies, glowing with a special air of confidence, 5SOS continued singing, "She looks so perfect standing there in my American Apparel underwear." And when the guys start to unbutton their pants to get in on the action, the video ends in a cruel tease.

Thankfully, the foursome graced us with a pantsless pic on Friday (May 2). It's blurry, but we can still make out Luke and Calum, wailing around.

"Another day in the dressing room," they wrote. Luke wears a trucker hat, aviators and flannel, while Calum wears, well, pretty much nothing. And as for what Luke is holding? One can only guess.