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Why Are Usher And Ariana Grande Whispering?

Both seem obsessed with mid-2000s duo the Ying Yang Twins.

I'm gonna go ahead and admit it right now: I'm kind of obsessed with "(Wait) The Whisper Song." Yeah, I know it came out almost a decade ago and ATL crunk-rap duo the Ying Yang Twins aren't exactly on it right now.

But I'm not the only one who's feeling the 2005 nasty-talking hit. And maybe it's a coincidence, but "Whisper" is totally having a moment right now. In the past week, both Usher and Ariana Grande released singles that heavily reference Kaine and D-Roc's magnum opushhhhhh.

In fact, "Whisper" is just one of several throwback references in Grande's "Problem" single. In addition to a beat that pays homage to Amerie's "1 Thing," Grande tips her hat to the Twins with a lyrical callback in the line "I've got one less problem without you."

Ush got in on the action too with the teaser for "Good Kisser," which combines both sexy whispering and whistling.