'Star Wars': I'm Not Saying Han Is Going To Die, But...

A new story detail hints at the inevitable.

Earlier this week, Deadline published an update on "Star Wars: Episode VII" casting, a story that came close to predicting the official announcement that went out hours later.

But a detail buried toward the end of the story might be the one that defines the upcoming trilogy.

Many sites picked up on the note that Harrison Ford would return for "Episode VII" with a greatly expanded role. Deadline used the word "gigantic." It was great news for fans of the original trilogy who are eager to see their beloved heroes back in action and not playing second fiddle to a group of new kids.

The diehards who know about some of what went on behind the scenes of the original trilogy, however, might have read that note as something more ominous.

Because if Han Solo really has a gigantic role in "Star Wars: Episode VII," it's probably because he's going to die.

The death of Solo has been something Harrison Ford has been after since the '80s. While working on "Return of the Jedi," the actor wanted his character to follow an arc similar to the final film, expect he wouldn't make it out at the end.

The story goes that Solo would have been the one piloting the Millennium Falcon at the end of "Jedi" but the ship wouldn't have escaped the blast of the exploding Death Star.

In theory, "Episode VII" is giving Ford a second chance at the character sendoff he always wanted. Anyway, it's inevitable that the focus of the new trilogy will shift to the younger generation. What better way to jack up the stakes for them than killing one of the original cast members?

Honestly, if this is the case, give Ford what he wants. He's done so much for genre fans over the years. Can't we throw him a bone and give him a say? And don't you think Solo deserves to go out like the cowboy he is?

"Star Wars: Episode VII" opens in theaters on December 18, 2015.