Did 'Inside Llewyn Davis' Predict The 'Star Wars' Cast?

Basically, yes.

The Coen Brothers are Jedi.

It's really the only way to explain the new "Star Wars:Episode VII" casting news. After months of speculation, the full cast was finally announced, and two of the stars are "Inside Llewyn Davis" co-stars Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac. What we didn't know at the time was that a specific scene predicted the news.

The duo sang the hilarious song "Please Mr. Kennedy" in "Inside Llewyn Davis" (which, if you haven't watched, watch it, NOW), but clearly, there was some major foreshadowing going on under the surface of the song. Just look at the lyrics.

"Please Mr. Kennedy,

I don't wanna go (please don't shoot me into outer space)."

Clearly, Oscar Isaac and Adam Driver start out as friends who, in a time of peace, don't want to travel to the distant Jedi Academy on Yavin IV to become Jedi. But their parents (Oscar's dad Luke, and Adam's parents Leia and Han) force them to go. Also, a Mrs. [Kathleen] Kennedy happens to be president of Lucasfilm. Coincidence? We think not.

"Bubble helmet, Flash Gordon boots,

nowhere up there in gravity zero (outer…space)."

"Star Wars" was famously inspired by old 1930s sci-fi serials like "Flash Gordon," while the bubble helmts and boots are clearly describing the leftover regiments of stormtroopers the two young men are afraid of. And "outer space," well, that's pretty self-explanatory.

"I need to breathe, don't need to be a hero (outer…space)."

Could Oscar or Adam be following in the footsteps of Luke's father? Maybe they're afraid that becoming a Jedi will lead them down the same path as Darth Vader, who had some trouble breathing, and became the opposite of a hero. We already know Driver is probably playing a villain, so maybe he both succumbs to the dark side and has to wear a similar breathing apparatus to Vader. Also, outer space again.

How did we not see this coming? Sure, Yoda tells us that the future is difficult to see, but it was right there, in front of our faces. Clearly, the Coens are Jedi witches who could predict the future and placed subtle messages in their acclaimed film, which also leads us to believe that Justin Timberlake and Ulysses the cat will play as-yet unannounced but major roles in the new movie.

Now tell us our bidding, Darth Ulysses.