The 9 Best Bromances Of The '90s

Shawn and Cory, Kenan and Kel, and Leo and Tobey are just a few of our favorite twosomes.

Chandler and Joey

1. Chandler And Joey

Bros didn't know how to bromance until Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani taught them how. Between fooseball games, "Baywatch," and caring for their dear pets the chick and the duck, this twosome redefined male friendship with every hug montage. Could they BE any cuter????

leo and tobey

2. Leonardo Dicaprio And Tobey Maguire

Girls wanted to be with them, guys wanted to be like them. This real-life bromance should give inspiration to budding, platonic male relationships everywhere. The audacious duo have gone on to world domination in their careers and with the ladies — well beyond the '90s. Never let go.

cory and shawn

3. Cory And Shawn

"Boy Meets World" got a lot of things right, but Cory Matthews and Shawn Hunter are the gift that keeps on giving. With each innocent misunderstanding, Cory and Sean taught life lessons about responsibility, relationships and family. And somehow Sean's bad-ass, trailer-park attitude and Cory's dependably 'type A' personality never sank the bromance. Sorry we're not sorry, Topanga.

kenan and kel

4. Kenan And Kel

Awwww ... here it goes! The only thing greater than Kel's love for orange soda ... was his love for Kenan. These two troublemakers inspired kids all over the country with their "Goodburger" skit, and were always better together than they were apart. No offense, Kenan.

ben affleck and matt damon

5. Matt Damon And Ben Affleck

Easily the best thing to come out of Boston was the very public bromance between Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. The release of 1997's "Good Will Hunting" was the declaration of their friendship to the world, but several Oscars and years later, the lovable twosome are still tight.

nick and drew lachey

6. Drew And Nick Lachey

These two get bonus points for being actual bros. Not only were they the hottest (98 Degrees to be exact) but quite possibly the most adorable. We still do, cherish both of you.

full house guys

7. Danny Tanner, Joey Gladstone And Jesse Katsopolis

The men of "Full House" nailed the three-way bromance. Danny was responsible, Joey was hilarious and Jesse was hot — the trifecta of male friendship. We prefer to remember the entire cast exactly as they were in the '90s.

method and red man

8. Method Man And Redman

The radio, the small screen and the silver screen: These two buds did it all together. If you were too young for their masterpiece "How High" the first time around, we suggest watching it now.

dawson and pacey

9. Dawson And Pacey

Regardless of whether you were on Team Dawson or Team Pacey, everyone had the "Dawson's Creek" bro-fever. Their friendship had its ups and downs, but it taught guys everywhere valuable lessons about guy code. Joey was one lucky lady.

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