Lady Gaga 'Marries The Night' In India

Singer performs her latest 'Born This Way' track, reveals video details in India.

Back in April, Lady Gaga and the world of Indian pop culture kicked off their love affair when Indian composers Salim-Sulaiman produced a remix of [article id="1661911"]Gaga's smash "Born This Way."[/article] And Gaga kept the fire burning during a recent trek to the country.

On Sunday night at a Formula One afterparty in Greater Noida, Gaga performed a Bollywood version of her Born This Way single "Marry the Night," according to

"I feel like I've waited a long time to come here. And I feel very grateful," she told the excited crowd at the party. "For the first time ever, I'm going to sing 'Marry the Night.' "

Gaga sat at a piano and played a slowed-down version of the song, accompanied by a sitar. Before the show, in a chat with NDTV in New Delhi, Gaga described it as "a performance that is unique and specific just for India."

In addition to performing the song live for the first time, she had another treat for her Indian fans, revealing for the first time some new details about her [article id="1672318"]video for "Marry the Night."[/article]

"Well, I can share exclusively with you that I directed this video myself. So this is my first directorial debut," she told NDTV. Until now, she has co-directed with her Haus of Gaga and her creative director Laurieann Gibson.

"But it has been a wonderful experience. I worked alongside director of photography Darius Khondji, who is an absolutely amazing DP, and I worked with Gideon Ponte, who is an incredible art director," she explained. "So I'm looking forward to sharing this autobiographical video with the world. I'm very excited. It's my favorite song on the album."

As for what's next for Gaga and India, she tweeted out several photos of herself around town, with the message, "Screw Hollywood. It's all about Bollywood."

During her interview, she shared that she hasn't ruled out some Bollywood-themed projects, explaining, "There's nothing in the works right now, but I love the culture here and I love Bollywood so who knows?"