Miguel Says He And DJ Premier Cooked Up Something Special In The Studio

Now, when do we get to hear it?

Miguel blew us away with Kaleidoscope Dream in 2012, and he'll return this summer with his third album, called Wildheart.

On this project, the "Coffee" singer worked with his longtime producer Salaam Remi (who helped him create songs like "All I Want Is You"), but he also expanded the circle a little bit and got some studio time with DJ Premier.

"Primo, is just one of the coolest [people] I've ever met and had the pleasure of working with," Miguel told MTV News. "And on top of that, he's a musical mentor. I grew up on the music he produced and gave the world, so being able to get in the studio was a huge honor."

But...yes, there's a but...their song "Damned" wasn't a great fit for his upcoming LP.

"Unfortunately, the music that we did create doesn’t make this album," Miguel admitted. "Because every album, for me, is about the entire body of work. It's never about one song. Every piece of the puzzle supports the picture, so if one of the pieces doesn’t fit and doesn’t capture the emotion and sonic representation I'm hearing, unfortunately I just have to save it for something else."

Thankfully, it doesn't sound like he'll keep this one locked up in the vaults.

"I think we’re gonna find a really good way to put it out there because the people who love hip-hop want to hear me with Primo," he added. "And I want them to hear it because I love the song."

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