'Arrow' Recap: Roy Goes On A Rage-Fueled Rampage

Roy Harper wakes from his Slade-induced coma in a blind fury, wreaking havoc all across Starling City.

There were tons of shocking developments on "Arrow" Wednesday night, as "Seeing Red" gave us a glimpse at how much each character on Team Arrow has evolved. While Oliver Queen is no longer the killer he once was, Sarah Lance proves to be a constant reminder of the vigilante's former murderous self. Roy Harper, on the other hand, has gone from hooded do-gooder to crazy, rage-filled monster as the full side effects of the Mirakuru have finally started to kick in. Meanwhile, Moira Queen's decision to run for Mayor of Starling City is cut abruptly short by Slade Wilson. Here are some highlights from this week's episode:

Baby Daddy

In the flashback portions of this week's episode, we learn that Oliver has an illegitimate son living in Central City. According to the DC universe, Oliver Queen does, in fact, have a son by the name of Connor Hawke. Connor would later become the second Green Arrow after Oliver sacrifices himself in order to save the people of Metropolis.

Cop Killer

During his rampage, Roy Harper manages to fracture Oliver Queen's leg, injure a number of innocent bystanders, and kill at least one cop. How is Starling City ever going to warm up to him as the Arrow's sidekick now that his face has been plastered all over the news as a killer? Better yet, how is Thea going to think of him now that she knows about the Mirakuru in his system?

An Old Friend

After breaking up with Oliver, Sarah tells Sin that she's leaving to meet up with an old friend. Could she mean Nyssa, her former lover, or perhaps even Ra's al Ghul, the demon himself? Up until this point, Ra's has only been mentioned by name, but never actually seen on screen. Perhaps the League of Assassins will have something to do with the final battle between Slade Wilson and Oliver Queen.

Malcolm Merlyn

Before their fateful car accident, Moira almost tells Oliver and Thea that Malcolm Merlyn is still alive. When he inevitably returns to Starling City, how are Oliver and Thea going to react now knowing that he is Thea's real father? Is it possible that he could become a new parental figure for the two of them?


Forcing Oliver to choose between his mother and his sister, Slade Wilson ultimately stabs Moira through the heart with a katana after she sacrifices herself for her family. While Moira revealed to Oliver that she's know his secret all along, Thea is still completely out of the loop. Will Oliver feel more compelled to tell his sister the truth now that their mother has been murdered by his arch nemesis?