Ellen Page Renames Every Dog On The Internet

X-Men actress may play Kitty Pryde, but she sure knows how to name dogs.

Pet owners, take note: early in the morning of April 22, in the wee, dark hours before the dawn, Ellen Page might just have crept through the internet and given your dog a different name.

Choosing new names for people's four-legged friends is apparently a favorite pastime for the "X-Men: Days of Future Past" actress, who went on a veritable dog-naming spree after posting a confessional tweet.

Needless to say, the internet responded with violent enthusiasm at the chance to have their dogs renamed by Ellen Page.

Here's where it gets really weird: Ellen is actually, like, super good at dog naming. Look at this dog! He's obviously a Todd.

The dogs themselves didn't seem to realize that they had become part of an exciting new moment in Internet history.

And Ellen doesn't discriminate; when a cat wanted in on the action, he, too, received a fabulous new name.

The fun lasted for more than an hour, at which point the actress bestowed new monikers on two final candidates — one became "Freddie Prince Junior," the other, "Cork Tree" — and begged off her dog-naming duties in order to go to bed.

But now that we know that Ellen Page has this not-so-secret exceptional talent for giving dogs awesome names, don't think that you've seen the last of this. She could come back for round two at any moment! Dogs, prepare yourselves.

Ellen Page will next appear in "X-Men: Days of Future Past," opening in theaters on May 23.