August Alsina Says There's One Thing That 'Baffles' Him About Chris Brown

Breezy's close friend talks addresses all his recent legal troubles.

August Alsina knows what it's like to make mistakes. But when it comes to good friend Chris Brown's mounting legal troubles, the Testimony singer can't understand why the "Loyal" crooner has to be torn down in the public eye.

"We had a conversation right before he had to go to rehab," Alsina told VLAD TV recently. "That's my n---a. Every time I talk to him, I always try to send him love and positivity. It always baffles me how people can lift you up so high and make it seem like they love you then you do one thing wrong and it's all of a sudden, you the devil and you evil and everything you do from that point on is not right."

Brown has been in custody since March 14, when he was arrested for violating his probation after getting kicked out of rehab facility in Los Angeles. His assault trial, which was set to begin in D.C. today, has been delayed until April 23.

Alsina recently caught some backlash of his own after his appearance last week on BET's "106 & Park" turned awkward when co-host Keshia Chanté asked him about his ongoing feud with Trey Songz.

"So you just gon' go against the grain," Alsina said, dressing down Chanté on live television. "I just told y'all not to ask me that sh-- when I got up in here."

For his part, though, Alsina feels like he was portrayed as the bad guy in that situation.

"I was played," Alsina told Sway Calloway on Sway In The Morning. "Me and Stephen Hill had a conversation and it's all good."

As for what he takes away from Chris Brown's struggles, Alsina, a New Orleans native whose older brother was shot and killed almost four years ago, is unrepentantly honest.

"Me and Chris had this conversation too," Alsina said. "I came into the game showing you that I'm no angel. I'm not perfect and this is why I tell people off the top. I f--k up. I'm a man of many emotions, so I'm a human being, and I think that's what people tend to forget sometimes. I just think that people gotta stop being so hard on people and so judgmental because you get to see me f--k up, I don't see you."