Hating On Justin Bieber? He Claims His Behavior Is All 'Trial & Error'

Despite his legal troubles, Bieber admits he's 'excited for what's next.'

Justin Bieber may have had a rough year, but to him, it's all a learning experience. From his drag racing arrest to egging his neighbor's house, the police magnet hasn't been able to escape the public's scorn in the past few months.

But now, the "All that Matters" singer is taking it easy, kicking back, and reflecting on recent events.

"this is my time off but my mind is alway running. Learned a lot this past year thru trial & error but that is life. Excited for what's next," Bieber tweeted early Monday morning (April 21). Perhaps he's owning up?

Bieber's most recent stunt involved crashing dissenter Drake Bell's album release party (payback!), and he's been seen multiple times with Selena Gomez, with whom he's had an on-again-off-again relationship for four years.

Gomez was just one of the many subjects of the police-released deposition in connection with a lawsuit filed in June 2013 by paparazzo Jeffery Binion, who claimed that Justin and one his bodyguards roughed him up and tried to take a memory card from his camera.

In January, Bieber was arrested in Miami on suspicion of DUI, resisting arrest without violence and driving on an expired Georgia license. Earlier that month, he faced felony charges after throwing eggs at his neighbor's house and inciting $20,000 in damages. Police raided his home, but found no evidence to convict him.