'Arrow': Everything You Missed on 'The Man Under the Hood'

Oliver attempts to win back control of his family's business from Isabel Rochev as Slade Wilson raises an army of Mirakuru soldiers.

With all of the truths revealed in last week's episode, "The Man Under the Hood" sees Thea Queen and Laurel Lance struggling with the secrets told to them by Slade Wilson. As Thea distances herself from her lying family, Laurel attempts to re-connect with the Arrow and his vigilante sidekick, the Black Canary.

Meanwhile, Oliver continues to prepare himself for the oncoming war with Slade by synthesizing a cure for the Mirakuru serum. Here are all the biggest moments on this week's episode of "Arrow":

1. Laurel Knows: After learning that Oliver Queen and the Arrow are in fact the same person, Laurel is easily able to piece together the fact that her sister Sarah is the Black Canary.

While initially she seems like she wants to alert the authorities, by the end of the episode it's quite clear that Oliver and Sarah's secret is safe with Laurel. Could this acceptance of her crime-fighting friends by the first step towards Laurel becoming a vigilante herself?

2. Barry's Buddies: Although Barry Allen hasn't been seen for months now, his name is consistently mentioned by tech goddess Felicity Smoak. This week, we learned that Felicity has been visiting Barry in the Central City hospital and has also been talking to his co-workers at Star Labs who for some reason have neglected to tell her about Barry's significant other: Iris.

For those of you who don't know, Iris West is the future wife of Barry Allen and the aunt of the future Flash, Wally West.

3. The Green Knight: In a pretty heavy nod to "The Dark Knight," Quentin Lance explains to his daughter, Laurel, that the man under the Arrow's hood doesn't matter so long as he can be whatever the city needs him to be.

Several similarities have been drawn between "Arrow" and Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight" trilogy thus far, but this instance is hands down the most on the nose. Seriously, Lance's speech is almost exactly like Jim Gordon's speech at the end of "The Dark Knight."

4. Drained of Blood: In a twist that nobody saw coming, Oliver breaks into Slade's lair to find Roy Harper strapped to a bio-transfuser with the Mirakuru-infused blood in his body being distributed to twenty large convicts.

So what exactly does this mean for Roy? Now that his blood has been mostly drained, will he still have all of the superhuman abilities that come with the Mirakuru serum?

5. Gone But Not Forgotten: After revealing her true motives for taking over Queen Consolidated, Isabel Rochev is killed during combat by John Diggle. However, at the end of the episode, we see Slade Wilson standing over her lifeless body and opening her eyelids.

Could this mean that Slade plans on reanimating the corpse of Isabel Rochev? Perhaps, this reanimation could have something to do with the transformation of the deceased thug Cyrus Gold into the infamous Solomon Grundy.

What did you think of this week's "Arrow"?