Taylor Swift And James Franco Crash 'SNL' Party

Zooey Deschanel also made a cameo in the celeb-filled monologue, ukulele in hand.

So the saying goes: the more the merrier. The same could be said for Seth Rogen's opening monologue as third-time host of "Saturday Night Live."

The "Neighbors" star discussed his week at "SNL," where he kept a journal of daily events leading up to the live show. The comedian recalled pitch meetings where he received 50 ideas about weed and admitted to his so-called "prank" on friend James Franco, where Rogen "posed as an underage girl" on Instagram trying to meet up with the actor. Right on cue Franco stepped on stage.

"I've been waiting at the Ace hotel for three days," he said. As the pair seemingly showed remorse, Taylor Swift popped over. "Whenever a man shows emotion I appear," she said. Zooey Deschanel also flitted in and out of the monologue, strumming a ukulele.

Rogen played a range of characters throughout the sketches, holding back laughs when helping Aidy Bryant apply lipstick and eat steak with two broken arms in a dinner scene, failing to educate a classroom full of kids on the "Just Say No" D.A.R.E. drugs policy, and playing one half of an enraged couple who switched their dog food brand.

Ed Sheeran revved up the crowd with two songs from his upcoming X album. He started with current single "Sing," (one of T-Swift's favorites). Strumming his guitar and spitting the rapid lyrics Sheerios alike sang along, acknowledging his request to "Sing!/ Louder!/ Sing!" Sheeran steered away from a second slow ballad, instead staying with the fast pace on his next song "Don't" (rumored to be about Ellie Goulding).

Swift gave an Instagram shout out to Sheeran the morning after the show, summing the night up in three little words: Proud Friend Alert!