Channing Tatum's Ringtone? It's Seth Rogen Laughing Robustly

In MTV's '22 Jump Street' Takeover, we challenge the stars with some 'Would You Rather?'

When it comes to the serious questions, MTV News has you covered. Which is why, during our "22 Jump Street" Takeover before Sunday's 2014 MTV Movie Awards, we decided to bring you a hard-hitting game of "Would You Rather?"

And with meaningful games like the slumber-party staple "Would You Rather?" come the meaningful questions ... like, "Would you rather your ringtone be Ice Cube yelling at you or Seth Rogen laughing?" Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum and Ice Cube handled the questions like pros.

"You take Cube, I'll take Rogen," Tatum said diplomatically, before moving onto the next query — "Would you rather have Jonah raise your child or adopt Jonah?"

Again, these are questions we needed to ask.

Although Channing may have been indecisive, leave it to Ice Cube to answer his questions with cold-hard confidence, choosing between his co-stars for a hypothetical rap battle.

"Give me Channing," he said slyly. "Jonah knows his rap history."

Now if we can only make that rap battle happen...

Perhaps the most difficult question of the Takeover? "Channing, would you rather have your Internet search history made public or have a nude photo leaked?"

Tatum goes nude all the way.