Chris Brown Behind Bars In D.C. After Epic Cross-Country Con-Air Flight

Brown will be behind bars until his April 21 court date in assault case.

After an epic five-day, cross-country flight on a federal Con-Air prisoner plane, Chris Brown finally landed in Washington, D.C., on Monday night, where he is awaiting trail in an assault case.

According to CNN, when Brown landed he was met by U.S. marshals, who took him to the local lock-up. The singer was reportedly chained at his ankles, wrists and arms for much of the time he was in custody, which began on Wednesday when Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies turned him over to the marshals.

While in transit, Brown, 24, missed a Monday court appearance where his lawyer, Mark Geragos, attempted to convince a judge that the assault charge his client is facing should be tossed out because of prosecutorial misconduct. Judge Patricia Wynn rejected Geragos' argument that U.S. attorneys abused the grand jury process in preparing their case against the singer.

The Con-Air flight took so long because it uses heavily guarded passenger planes that make multiple stops across the country to pick up and drop off prisoners.

Brown and bodyguard Christopher Hollosy have been charged with assaulting a man
 outside a D.C. hotel in October. Both men are facing misdemeanor charges in the case, with Hollosy slated to begin his trial on April 17 and Brown going to court on April 21.

The long flight was the continuation of Brown's latest legal troubles. He was sent to jail in Los Angeles on March 14
 after getting kicked out of a rehab program for violating its rules, itself a violation of Brown's probation from his 2009 assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna.

CNN reported that though Brown is not likely to get any jail time if convicted in the misdemeanor case in D.C., even if he's acquitted he might still have to fly back to Los Angeles in custody.