Musical March Madness Enters Final Four... But Not Before Some Painful Losses

Fans of Tokio Hotel and Daft Punk are not going to be happy.

We're in the Final Four of Musical March Madness! And things are not looking pretty out there for fans of Tokio Hotel and Daft Punk.

This round of voting saw some close matches in the East and the South, coming down to less than a percentage point of votes between the winners and the losers. In a shocking upset, Palaye Royale knocked out MMM vets Tokio Hotel by nearly 1 percent. Despite the ferocious fight to the championship, it looks like the vocal Aliens will have to return to the locker room for the season.

After reviewing the play, We Are The In Crowd are squeezing through to the Final Four by only 200 votes over Daft Punk. A close call, but a fair game for the Poughkeepsie pop-punkers.

Meanwhile, in the Midwest, Fall Out Boy was able to pull through against Walk the Moon. Linkin Park was equally as triumphant in the West, beating AFI.

Here are the matchups for the fifth round of voting, open now:

Fall Out Boy vs. Linkin Park

Palaye Royale vs. We Are The In Crowd