23 Beyonce Fan Art Masterpieces That Prove (Once And For All) She's Queen

More than just trophies on the walls of Casa Carter.

Beyoncé's trophy cabinet at Casa Carter is an impressively well-stocked piece of furniture, bulging with Grammys and multiple platinum plaques for R&B anthems like "Halo" and "Crazy In Love."

She's also snagged a mega-mogul husband in Jay Z and engages in a hyper-high-end social life that involves pondering whether to postpone Taco Tuesdays for a week and accept another dinner invitation from the Obamas. Beyond the industry awards and glitzy celebrity status though, Beyoncé claims certified iconic standing by the way she inspires fans to pay tribute to her. In that most noble of artistic disciplines: fan-art.

In tribute to her continued reign, then, here are 23 pieces of fierce fan-art that show just why the world is totally smitten with Queen Bey.

1. Women In Crisis

Artist Adrian Valencia put together this slick illustration of a dolled-up Lady Bey hanging on the telephone in honor of "everyone who has been or is suffering because of love." Poignantly, the piece's full title reads Women in Crisis 1: Beyoncé in Why Don't You Love Me?

2. 'Yonce

During a live show in London back in March, Beyoncé spotted one of Anabelle King's banner illustrations being held up in the crowd. Smitten with her interpretation, Bey was moved to halt her performance and exclaim, "It's beautiful. Did you draw this? Wow. It's so pretty!" Naturally, the wow moment can be treasured for all of eternity on Instagram.

3. Draw Your Own Beyoncé!

Drago Art's take on Beyoncé plumps for a soft-focus style that wouldn't look out of place fronting up a YA book about Bey's high-school adventures in love. Handily, its creator has also put together a step-by-step- guide to drawing your own Mrs. Carter! If you were wondering, the key is "nicely arched eyebrows."

4. Slaughterhouse Beyoncé

Scratch that insatiable itch for gore with this image of Beyoncé in the style of a character from a slasher flick. Remember, artwork doesn't only have to exist between you and your therapist.

5. Tribal Goddess Beyoncé

Beyoncé is a frequent muse for fashion-style sketches. Here, artist Hayden Williams has played up the top triller's vivacious side and kitted her out in feisty tribal-style garb. The headpiece confirms her queendom.

6. Mrs. Cater Vs. Vrettos Vrettakos

More fashionista kicks, here with Ryan Monsod showcasing Beyoncé spruced up in a Vrettos Vrettakos outfit at the Brit Awards. It goes without saying that the crystal bling on the dress is real.

7. Single Lady Beyoncé

Step Puki was inspired by Beyoncé's mega-anthem "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" when creating this anime-style illustration of Jay Z's better half. Would work a treat in an animated app game too.

8. Beyoncé Vs. Lady Gaga

A battle of the super-egos: here, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga go head-to-head while wearing butterfly-branded headphones. Obviously, the image is also available to purchase as a fridge magnet.

9. Blue Ivy Eyeshadow Beyoncé

Sometimes it's all about the details, as with SimpleElegantDesign's take on Beyoncé, which plays up a quite freakish blue eyeshadow accent.

It's the last time Blue Ivy gets the keys to the Carter family makeup box.

10. Girls Love Beyoncé

It's all about the puckered-up red lipstick-lavished lips in AzaleaPatricia's take on Beyoncé. Would make a bold pairing framed with Blue Ivy Eyeshadow Beyoncé, possibly in an apartment hallway or secondary bedroom.

11. Briah Neale's Beyoncé

Sometime after attending Baltimore City College High School, Briah Neale put paintbrush to paper and created a bright and bold picture of Beyoncé. Despite not being finished, something about the painting caught Beyoncé's eye and she decided to share it via her own Instagram account, showing her appreciation by adding a cute heart and an exclamation mark after Briah's handle.

12. Festival Beyoncé

Going by the artistic name of Darkdordevic, this super-fan was inspired to muster up a slick computer-created rendition of Beyoncé after catching a performance at the mud-splattered Glastonbury festival. The large, illuminated letter B in the background adds to the superstar sparkle.

13. Giclee Beyoncé

The handiwork of artist Joseph Cheridan, this limited edition depiction of Beyoncé was originally created with pencil and cotton paper and is now presented to the world as a giclee print. The look in Sasha Fierce's eyes comes across as one part coy, and one part lusting for world domination.

14. Bobblehead Beyoncé

Simple and effective, here Beyoncé gets the exaggerated bobblehead-caricature treatment. The playful illustration is the work of Miss Matzenbatzen who admits that while she doesn't listen to Bey's music, she "seem[s] to be a very nice person and is absolutely gorgeous." Fearsome forehead, too.

15. Amy Beyoncé

Remember that time Beyoncé was at home sipping dirty martinis while having a torrid argument with her old man Shawn and she managed to somehow look like Amy Winehouse? Artist Klaudia69 certainly does, and has captured it aptly with this thick-outlined image.

16. Lady Diana Beyoncé

The British invasion of Beyoncé continues with fan art disciple Kaesthetics morphing the R&B megastar's face onto the body of Princess Diana. A sterling trans-Atlantic mash-up.

17. Quickie Beyoncé

Working with the PaintTool SAI software, Germ Egg conjured up this watercolor-style take on Beyoncé as "a quickie before bed." That's what Jay Z said.

18. 8-Bit Beyoncé

The elusive BloomSirenix7 went retro with this rendition of Beyoncé, running a picture through a chunky pixellated filter to take her back to the 8-bit video-game days. Computer love!

19. Pencil Sketch Beyoncé

A sketch-tastic take on Sasha Fierce courtesy of Emilie Creations, here canny pencil work and shading musters up an endearingly classy image. Would also work printed up on an oversize white tee.

20. Oily Beyoncé

Created from a photo and manipulated using PaintTool SAI, Marta De Winter has answered the burning question about what a grandiose, old-fashioned oil-painting portrait of Beyoncé would look like. The answer is equal parts regal and piercing, especially with eyes that seem to follow you. Seriously, try it.

21. Beyoncé Mask

Speaking of eyes, this pared-down black-and-white illustration of Beyoncé seems prepped to be printed out and worn as a mask — the clue is in the vacant eye-sockets. A fine facial fit for all girls and boys with dreams of running the world.

22. Greyscale Bey

Ever wondered how long it takes to sketch a snazzy picture of Beyoncé? 16 hours seems to be par for the course, at least according to fan-artist Rukkuss, who dutifully toiled away on this graphic pencil sketch of Lady Bey and her luxurious locks.

23. Our Lady Beyoncé

Sacrilege or the ultimate tribute? That's the artistic dilemma FemmeGod muses on with this depiction of Jay Z's beau as Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Baby Blue Ivy snags the theological assist.