'The Walking Dead' Finale: 7 Celebs We'd Take To Terminus

'Dead's' fourth season ends Sunday, and we know who would make our Group.

"The Walking Dead" wraps up its fourth season on Sunday night, and while we're all waiting to find out what the heck will happen in Terminus — other than people dying, of course — we've decided to dream up just which celebrities we'd want to pair up with.

You know, the Glenn to our Maggie. The Bob to our Sasha. The Carl to our giant jar of pudding. Only, you know, a famous jar of pudding.

Because, if "The Walking Dead" has taught us anything, it's that only good-looking people will survive the zombie apocalypse. So here are all the celebs we'd want in our Group. Those who arrive, survive.

1. 50 Cent

Because he was shot nine times, and, as his battles with Interscope proved, he can still thrive when the system breaks down.

2. The Rock

Because he is Hercules. And a ten-time WWE champion. And unafraid of Splash Mountain. And because he just retweeted us.

3. Vin Diesel

Because he is basically just like the Rock, only with better dance moves. Also: stilts!

4. Beyoncé

Because she is awesome at everything.

5. Jennifer Lawrence

Because someone needs to trip and fall when the zombies are chasing us.

6. KimYe

Because we've got to repopulate, and who better than Baby Nori's to get the ball rolling? Alternately, they could be zombie food.

7. Miley Cyrus

Because she can kill people (remember Robin Thicke?)