'Magic Mike' Sequel Is Happening And Has The Best Title Ever

The follow-up has also found a director to take over for Steven Soderbergh.

That sound you're hearing is the sound of women and fans of good movies in general shrieking at the top of their lungs.

The reason behind the noise is that "Magic Mike 2" is officially a "go," but that's not the only news. According to The Playlist, the sequel, co-written by Channing Tatum and Reid Carolin, has a director and a title.

According to the site, Steven Soderbergh's go-to assistant director Greg Jacobs is helming "Magic Mike XXL."

To review: That's not "Large." It's not even "Extra Large." That's "Extra Extra Large."

Unfortunately, aside from a rouge start date — which Joe Manganiello claims is sometime this fall — that's all we know about "Magic Mike XXL."

Oh! There was that little detail about Tatum writing the script next to a bust of Matthew McConaughey as a method of quality assurance, I assume.

But just because McConaughey's bust is serving as a source of inspiration for Tatum doesn't mean that the recent Academy Award winner is going to reprise his role as Dallas, the leader of the Xquisite Strip Club performers.

Last we heard from Tatum, the story took the form of a road movie, but who knows how things have changed since then? The original "Magic Mike" ended with Dallas and the boys packing up and heading off to sunny Miami, leaving Mike behind to follow his dream and get some breakfast with Cody Horn.

If shooting does begin in the fall like Manganiello expects, you'll probably see "Magic Mike XXL" grinding into theaters sometime in summer 2015.