No Malice On New Clipse Album: 'I Know It Can Happen, But ...'

The rapper attempts to provide some clarity amid conflicting reports.

Will there or won't there be another Clipse album?

"I know it can happen," No Malice told MTV News on Friday (March 28). "But if people are looking for the dope-dealing music that I used to give ..."

Conflicting reports spread across the Net this week after separate interviews were interpreted differently. Headlines ranged from "No Malice -- A Clipse Album Can Still Happen" to "No Malice: 'I Am Not Doing a Clipse Album, Be Very Clear.' " What did it all mean?

"I would love to be able to be beside [Pusha-T] and rap together," No Malice told MTV News. "That's my brother, that's my blood. But right now it just seems like we're just on two different paths. I respect where he's at, I support my brother. But that's not what I do. I don't comprise what I do, just like I don't expect him to compromise what he do."

Rumors of a potential reunion picked up steam in January when it was reported that the duo were working on an independent album — which would be their first joint release since 2009's Til the Casket Drops. Those reports were built on a foundation that both Pusha-T and Pharrell laid in 2013.

"Me and Malice talk about doing a Clipse album," Push told MTV News last year. "I'm not into toyin' around with that, like just dropping records that ain't related to an album. We owe our fans something super-special, so when it's time to do that, we just gonna zone in and focus in on that."

Pharrell added to the excitement when he discussed the possibility last summer. "Oh they will," Skateboard P told MTV News when asked if he thought a Clipse album was possible. "I'm gonna have to find an untapped zone and just present something different that people haven't felt before."

Through all the interviews and chatter, if there's one thing that No Mal wanted to make most clear to his fans about this whole situation, it seemed to be this: "I never wanted to confuse the fans."