MTV's Musical March Madness: Can Palaye Royale End Coldplay's Championship Dreams?

Things are getting interesting in #MMM's second round ... vote now!

MTV's Musical March Madness tournament is screaming toward the end of its second round — polls close Monday, March 31 at noon ET — and as we gear up for the Sweet 16, some bands seem like sure things ... while others are just barely hanging on.

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Of course, nothing's written in stone just yet, and there's still plenty of time to change things; if your favorite band is behind, hit the polls — or, if they're ahead, vote like crazy to keep them there. And as we prepare to cut the field of 32 in half, we're taking a look at the matchups in each region: yesterday, we tackled the Midwest and West ... and today, we're breaking down the East and South, where the matchups are fierce, and the action is furious.

East Region

Let's just get this out of the way: Yes, Tokio Hotel is winning. By a lot. The unstoppable #MMM juggernauts (and occasional band) are rolling #14 Bayside, and, barring a collapse of epic proportions, they'll move on to the Sweet 16, where a matchup with #7 Tegan and Sara seems likely. After all, the Quin sisters are up big on #15 Phantogram, and look like locks to move on to the next round ... where they'll subsequently get destroyed by TH's Aliens. Good times!

Things are decidedly more interesting in the East's other matchups ... particularly the down-to-the-wire battle brewing between #16 Palaye Royale (the first unsigned band to ever make the tournament) and #9 Coldplay. The up-and-coming fashion rockers jumped out to a huge lead on Chris Martin and Co., but as the week wore on, Coldplay have closed the gap — and stirred up the kind of cheating!!! accusations usually reserved for Tokio Hotel fans. Right now, it's Palaye Royal with the slight lead; can they hold it through the weekend?

If they do, they'll take on #4 Bastille in the Sweet 16, as the "Pompeii" rockers are blasting #5 Arctic Monkeys in the Battle of Britain. No drama, just a rather convincing display of power from the Bastille boys, who may be the only remaining band in the region who could challenge Tokio Hotel.

South Region

Top-seeded Paramore got an early scare from their second-round opponents, #8 Daft Punk, but after rallying the troops, they've stretched their lead out to a comfortable amount, and can begin looking ahead to the Sweet 16, where they'll take on upset-minded underdogs A Day To Remember, currently pasting #4 the Black Keys. Can they hold on, and will they carry their momentum into the round of 16? Both seem likely, which means that Hayley and the guys will have their work cut out for them.

Speaking of upsets, there's another one brewing in the South: #10 We Are The In Crowd are up on #2 Kings Of Leon, and though KOL have been whittling that lead away, it'll take a furious rally for them to move on. It's looking more and more like it'll be WATIC up against another tournament titan — #3 Foo Fighters — in the Sweet 16, but with each victory, the pop punkers from Poughkeepsie seem to be gaining confidence. Could they be this year's dark horse band?

Who will survive to the Sweet 16? It's your call: Voting in all second-round #MMM matchups is underway, and polls will remain open until Monday, March 31 at noon ET ... so hit 'em up, and help someone's championship dreams come true!

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