'Arrow': Everything You Missed On 'Birds of Prey'

The Huntress returns, and Roy takes a bullet on the latest episode of 'Arrow'.

On "Arrow," Oliver Queen has had a number of proteges this season; but none of them quite compare to the crazy that is Helena Bertinelli, a.k.a. the Huntress. In season one, Oliver played a pivotal role in transforming Helena into the crossbow-wielding assassin.

This week's episode, entitled "Birds of Prey," finally gives us the closure we've been waiting for since last year as the Huntress pays Starling City a visit in search of her dastardly father, Frank Bertinelli.

Here are all the biggest moments from this week's "Arrow":

Huntress Restrains Herself

In a brief moment early into the episode, it's revealed that Helena has been using more restraint than usual. Meaning, she's not killing everybody, just mostly everybody.

If the Huntress is trying to murder less people, could she be on a path towards teaming up with Team Arrow? At this point it doesn't seem very likely, but then again Oliver Queen used to be cold-blooded killer as well. Maybe now that her father is dead, Helena will start to let the light back in.


When Roy loses control of his super strength in the field and almost kills Helena's decoy, Oliver calls him Speedy to remind him of Thea (that used to be her nickname, too).

While Roy has yet to receive his official vigilante nickname, it seems like Speedy could potentially stick. Clearly, Roy isn't happy with it now but perhaps he'll choose to keep it as a means of paying tribute to his lost love.

Laurel's Dark Side

The final moments of "Birds of Prey" show Laurel blackmailing her way into getting her old job back at the District Attorney's office. Could this be the end of Laurel's damsel in distress phase? A while ago it was mentioned that Sarah Lance is only the beginning of the Black Canary story. That being said, what are the chances are that Laurel will be filling her sister's shoes?

Huntress vs. Black Canary

Staying faithful to its title, this week's episode gave DC comics fans the "Birds of Prey" battle that they've all been waiting for. In the comics, Huntress and the Black Canary have worked together on several occasions, and fought on several more.

But even without the supernatural advantage of the Black Canary's sonic cry, it's always been fairly obvious to comic book readers that Black Canary is the better combatant of the two. Now, we finally have documented evidence.

Poor Thea

Seems like everyone on "Arrow" has been lying to Thea as of late. Whether it's her mother, her boyfriend, or even her brother Oliver, the poor girl just can't seem to catch a break. However, now that Thea has been kidnapped by Slade Wilson, it's fairly safe to say that the truth will be coming out in spades.

How will Thea deal with the fact that Malcolm Merlyn is her real father? Better yet, how will she deal with the fact that her beloved brother is the Starling City vigilante?

What did you think of "Birds of Prey?" Let us know in the comments below.