Down With The Crown: Check Out The Menu At Kim And Kanye's Burger King Franchise

KimYe get down with the King, have plans to open a string of BKs.

Kanye West just got Kim Kardashian one Whopper of a wedding gift.

According to reports, 'Ye is giving his soon-to-be-wife 10 Burger King franchises throughout Europe, in the hopes of diversifying her portfolio and giving her career options once the reality TV cameras stop rolling (which surely has to happen one of these days, right?!?)

"She owns all the jewels anyone could ever want, so he is taking the practical route by investing in businesses for her instead ... Kanye wants to buy her 10 restaurants, making her a real international businesswoman," a source supposedly told the UK's ever-reliable Daily Star. "he knows the fast food industry is reliable and lucrative, plus BK is international so he thinks it's the perfect fit for Kim."

Hope nobody told the folks at Carl's Jr!

Kanye, of course, already has fast-foot experience, entering into a partnership with Fat Burger in 2008 (sadly, the first franchise he opened in the Chicago suburb of Orland Park closed in 2011), so a BK deal seems like the next logical step.

That said, give the source of the story, we're pretty sure it isn't true ... which is a bummer, considering all the potential menu additions KimYe could've brought to Burger King (they're both geniuses, after all) Here are some of our gut-busting favorites, beach bods be damned.

The Angry Kanye

The Kris, Kourtney, Khloé, Kendall & Kylie Kroissan'wich

The Big Kim Deluxe


My Beautiful Dark Twisted Rodeo Burger