WTF? The Black Keys Announce New Album, With Help From Mike Tyson

Turn Blue is due May 13 ... but the terrifying YouTube clips start now.

The Black Keys are back ... and they're turning blue.

With a little help from Mike Tyson — yes, Mike Tyson (who apparently put aside his admiration for Patrick Carney's sparring partner, Justin Bieber) — and a series of thoroughly weird, decidedly creepy YouTube videos, the Keys have announced the title and release date for their new album: Turn Blue, due May 13.

Confused? Hey, join the club. But here's what we know — on Friday afternoon, Tyson tweeted a link to a mysterious YT clip that features a motivational speaker/maniac in an ill-fitting suit slowly hypnotizing his audience ("I am inside you now ... you can feel me ... I will breathe life into our hopelessness, I will be your messiah, your God, your therapist, your lover, your mother, your father, and you are my son, and you will obey me") while a record spins.

At the very end of the clip, Turn Blue, a "special new album by rock musicians the Black Keys" is advertised, along with the May 13 date. And, uh ... yeah. Maybe you should just watch the clip for yourself.

A rep for the band confirmed both the album's title and release date to MTV News. The clip also explains why Carney has spent the past few days posting Instagram pics like this:

According to reports, the Black Keys will premiere the first single from Turn Blue, a track called "Fever" on Monday at precisely 3:30 p.m. ET.