Can Nicki Minaj Get Any Better As A Rapper? Lil Wayne Thinks So

'She never fails to amaze me with anything she do,' Wayne tells MTV News of Young Money's first lady.

Nicki Minaj has millions of fans across the world, but perhaps none bigger than her Young Money mentor Lil Wayne. Weezy is currently in awe of Nicki's new single "Lookin' Ass," but he still pushes her for more.

"That's what Nicki does — she never fails to amaze me with anything she do," Tunechi said of YM's first lady. "Honestly, I'm a tough judge and I'm the boss, so I kinda be like, 'That's nice, but you can do better.' "

"Lookin' Ass" is a current single from YM's new Rise of an Empire compilation. On it, Nicki wages a war of words in rap's battle of the sexes. Nicki flows a similar rhyme pattern throughout, stacking multisyllabic bars and ending each bar with the controversial N-word. She blasts men for staring at her butt, lying about their finances and exaggerating about their drug-dealing pasts.

It's been a while since women had a real rap anthem to champion, and Weezy loves the reaction the song is getting in the clubs. "It's either that song that's making 'em feel good like that or that new Beyoncé," he said of Bey's "Drunk in Love" single.

Weezy has no shortage of praise for Nicki, but says he will continue to push her as she works on her third solo LP, due out later this year. As great as she is, he just thinks she can do better. "But that's what I tell myself every day, too," Wayne added.