Will Ellie Goulding Be Back For Next 'Divergent' Soundtrack?

'I've always loved the idea of doing a film soundtrack,' singer says during 'MTV First.'

"Divergent" fans have been counting down the days until they finally see Tris and Four's story hit the big screen. However, they might be surprised at what else takes center stage in the flick: the music.

The Kanye West-inspired


which was released last week, features a mix of hip-hop and EDM hits that completely encapsulates the moods, feelings and emotions of the characters and the scenes.

There is one artist that holds it all together, and that is Ellie Goulding. The pop star's songs take the film's pivotal scenes to new heights, with "Beating Heart," playing over the final scene in the movie, and "Dead in the Water" perfectly heightening the emotion in the much-anticipated kiss scene.

"I've always loved the idea of doing a film soundtrack, so when ... I'd seen the film and they put some of my songs to it, my face lit up. I felt very excited," Goulding said during "MTV First," after the premiere of her video for "Beating Heart." "It's the first thing I've done where my voice is used amongst the soundtrack rather than just songs."

Director Neil Burger said that Goulding acts as the inner voice of Tris, played by Shailene Woodley; her voice is heard woven throughout the film's score.

Music supervisor Randall Poster recently told MTV News that if he returns for the series' next film, "Insurgent," he would love to "maintain Ellie as the voice of Tris."

"Everyone might get a bit annoyed with my voice. I would love to ...," Ellie said about joining the next soundtrack. "I would like to do stuff that's a more bit out of my comfort zone and a bit different. I make a lot of pop music that's my true love, but yeah, I'd love to keep doing music with these guys."

"Divergent" hits theaters Friday.