Shailene Woodley Goes Down In This 'Divergent' Extended Clip

Tris proves that she's Dauntless in this exclusive scene that premiered during the Woodie Awards.

In the world of "Divergent," even once you choice which faction of the personality-based society you belong in, you still have to prove it. That's where we find our hero, Tris (Shailene Woodley), in this exclusive clip from the upcoming YA adaptation.

The scene, which premiered during the mtvU Woodie Awards, takes place on a rooftop in a futuristic version of Chicago. Tris, along with her fellow Dauntless initiates, stands on the edge of the building, overlooking a drop straight into darkness.

But this, like the jumping from the moving El train, is all a test for Tris to join the bravest faction of them all.

At the bottom of the fall, she finds her future instructor, Four (Theo James), waiting for her, and since this is a YA adaptation, you can imagine what happens between the two of them.

When Woodley recently stopped by MTV News with James to help Ellie Goulding debut her first video from the soundtrack, the actresses commented on her on-screen luck and having kissed every major male actor in the cast in various movies.

"I feel like I hit the jackpot, they're all great kissers," Woodley said.

But just because there's a romance set within a dystopian world, that doesn't mean that "Divergent" is any old YA movie. Woodley wanted to make sure that everything — even scenes where James is shirtless — to feel authentic. "He has to take his shirt off in that scene and we didn't want it to feel like, oh, attractive male lead taking his shirt off in a young adult franchise," Woodley said.

"Divergent" opens in theaters on March 21.